Welcome to The New OK Doomer

Welcome to The New OK Doomer

A little housekeeping: I've moved just about everyone over to the new site. You'll be getting digests and important articles 2-3 times a week from here. I was able to migrate everyone's emails but not their paid subscription info. That's not really a big deal. You can wait until your subscription expires through Substack and then re-up it here whenever you want. Just make sure you turn off auto-renew over at Substack first. In the meantime, I'm going to keep all the content free, so you won't miss anything.

If you don't want the emails, there's an easy way to stop or unsubscribe now. Click on your member icon in the top right-hand corner. The site will guide you through opting out of emails and/or canceling.

There's a lot hitting the fan this week.

Let's dive in.

There's a new study out that delves into the minds of conspiracy theorists. My takeaway: We've all got conspiracy theories now. Some of them are accurate. Some of them are just excuses.

We’re All Conspiracy Theorists Now. Psychology Says So.
New research in psychology explains what makes conspiracy theorists tick. More and more of us fit the profile.

Joe Biden says he has "practically" declared a climate emergency.

That's comforting.

Joe Biden, Practically President
Let’s do a little thought experiment. Imagine you’re a parent. (Maybe you already are.) It’s your day to pick the kids up from school. Your spouse comes home from work. One of the kids is there. The other is... Your spouse looks at you and asks, “Are you going to

The fires in Lahaina are tragic. They weren't totally unpredictable. Climate change has turned the entire world into a tinderbox.

It Wasn’t Unprecedented. It Was a Dragon King.
Here’s what happened in Lahaina: It wasn’t just a wildfire. It was a wildfire plus the equivalent of a category one hurricane with wind gusts up to 80 mph. It was a pyrocane. A meteorologist on CNN actually does a fairly good job of explaining all of the details. The

An Alabama mom finally figured out that the world isn't fair.

You’re Just a Little Bit Late, Alabama Mom.
A mom from Alabama finally realized that the world is unfair. So she made a video ranting about her son’s lack of financial fortune. She told him he would succeed in life if he went to college and got a good job. She told him all he had to do

A little while ago, I wrote a piece on collective amnesia. In light of what's going on, I figured it could use an update.

Everyone Just Wants to Forget: The Power of Collective Amnesia
We all have things we want to forget. Maybe it’s a bad date. Maybe it’s an abusive childhood. Maybe it’s a year spent locked up in your house, thinking about death. Maybe it’s all three. Some of us do a balancing act between forgetting and remembering. In order to get

That's it for now. See everyone in a few days.


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