Joe Biden, Practically President

Joe Biden, Practically President
Jon Anders Wiken

Let's do a little thought experiment.

Imagine you're a parent. (Maybe you already are.) It's your day to pick the kids up from school. Your spouse comes home from work.

One of the kids is there.

The other is...

Your spouse looks at you and asks, "Are you going to pick the kids up from school?" You say, "I've already done that."

You add, "I mean, practically."

Tell me what happens next.

The Weather Channel recently asked Joe Biden if he was ever going to declare a national climate emergency. He said, "I've already done it." Then he qualified his answer, saying he'd "practically" done it. Then he blamed the courts for overruling him on the approval of new drilling projects.

There's a pattern at work here.

Biden practically ended the pandemic. He practically stopped inflation. He practically forgave student loans. He practically kicked Putin out of Ukraine. He's got near accomplishments coming out of his ears.

But what has he actually done?

We're in worse shape with Covid. Prices on essentials keep going up. The war in Ukraine rages on, despite pouring tens of billions into weapons deals. Now politicians on both sides of the aisle talk openly about war with China. The homeless population gets bigger and bigger.

What do rich liberals want to talk about?

Donald Trump.

This isn't a Biden smear attack. It's a discussion about holding our leaders accountable. This is what they do. They make promises. They get into power. They don't deliver. They come up with excuses.

They say they practically did things.

The rest of us don't get points for practically doing something. We don't almost show up for work on time. We don't kind of do our jobs. We don't almost take care of our families. We either do it...

Or we don't.

If we don't, then we deal with the consequences. Our boss fires us. The government takes our kids away. We pay fines. We go to jail.

We feel guilt.

I suppose it's better than nothing that Biden refers to climate change as the existential threat to humanity. Then again, that's what rich liberals want to hear. That's his real audience.

Biden has managed to accomplish one thing in his presidency. He managed to make rich liberals feel more comfortable. Now many of them are just as likely to talk down to climate activists and young people trying desperately to survive as the door to their future slams shut.

It's not just Biden.

It's all of them.

Should you vote for Biden? Well, if we don't then we're almost certainly going to get something a lot worse. If we do, then we're going to get four more years of complacent leadership.

Joe Biden is practically the president.

Thanks, Joe.

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