You're Just a Little Bit Late, Alabama Mom.

You're Just a Little Bit Late, Alabama Mom.

A mom from Alabama finally realized that the world is unfair. So she made a video ranting about her son's lack of financial fortune. She told him he would succeed in life if he went to college and got a good job.

She told him all he had to do was work hard.

Hilarious, isn't it?

Anyone under the age of 50 is already laughing.

Where has she been, exactly?

I wish this mom was speaking for me. She's not. She's talking about her son. That's all she cares about. She's spent the last twenty years in her little bubble, and that bubble has finally burst.

It's finally dawning on this Alabama mom that she sold her darling boy a lie. Rather than take responsibility, she's looking for someone to blame. Fox News is more than happy to use the struggles of my generation as yet another tool to further their own social and political agendas.

Of course, it would have to be a mom from Alabama.

She speaks to their demographic.

Anyway, here's some advice from the rest of us, Alabama mom. It might sound familiar. Hell, maybe you've said some of these things before to someone else when they tried to clue you in about life.

Your son is going to need...

A second job.

Maybe your son can start a side hustle. Maybe he can drive an Uber. Maybe he can work for Bite Squad or Door Dash. Maybe he can launch an OnlyFans. Don't worry, adversity will help him build character.

It will make him stronger.

Also, maybe your son needs to work on his mindset. There's a lot of great books out there. Has he tried David Goggins?

If that doesn't help, I know some random words and phrases that people say when anyone else is struggling financially.

Here they are:

Grit. Growth. Resilience.


Get out of your own way. You are always your own worst enemy. Keep calm and carry on. Failure is the key to success. Stoicism. Microhabits. The 4-hour work week. Maybe he should start a gratitude journal.

Has your son tried a morning routine?

Just do it.

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