Weekend Reads: The Experts Aren't Sure Until You're Dead

Weekend Reads: The Experts Aren't Sure Until You're Dead

As the curse says, we live in interesting times. Wildfires continue to burn through Canada, forcing the evacuation of entire towns. New Covid variants keep cropping up around the world, some with as many as 30 mutations. Since we're not testing anymore, we rely on wastewater monitoring, whistleblowers, and of course the trusty Yankee Candle Detection System.

I'm continuing to update the lists page with information as it spills out. Meanwhile, the current president dares us to name a single challenge he's failed to deliver on as residents of Maui plead for help on social media. You have lots of options to donate here.

I don't know, can the prez read the room?

As you might've seen on Twitter, my kid's school dropped the ball this week on Covid. I explain how I dealt with it.

When Are We All Finally Going to Stop Living in Fear?
Back in the 1950s, this psychology professor at Swarthmore had an idea. He wondered just how powerful peer pressure was. So he rounded up 123 students. They were all dudes. He put them in groups of five or seven. He told one dude in every group he was conducting vision

Tourists are still flocking to vacation hotspots around the world, even when they're on fire. Psychology explains why.

It’s Not Cool to Overreact
We think people panic during a crisis. Actually, most do the opposite. In 1977, two planes collided above a runway on the island of Tenerife. A handful of passengers climbed out of the ruptured hull. Everyone else burned. It wasn’t because they were injured. They were all wide awake.

The mainstream media continues to dance around the very obvious freefall we're in when it comes to Covid. A dose of sanity:

“Experts Aren’t Sure” Until You’re Dead
There’s been a handful of stories across the internet lately pointing out that more Americans and Canadians, especially young adults, are dying than anyone expected this year. Weird, huh? For example, USA Today ran this and The Globe and Mail ran this. And The Telegraph ran this, noting the record

I've tried to ease into prepping over the last year. There's a right and a wrong way. Here's a fascinating cautionary tale.

The Doomsday Prepper’s Daughter
All he wanted was a bunker for the end of the world. He didn’t have money. He didn’t have connections. What he had was a particular set of skills. After getting kicked out of the army for assault, Shannon Gilday knew there was only one way. He’d have to take

In case you missed it, here's an important piece on the CDC's quiet decision to completely change how they calculate excess deaths, and the media's complicity. These organizations have lost a lot of credibility:

The Pandemic Really Is Over, No Seriously, We Mean It This Time
There’s an opinion piece in The New York Times heralding a new “positive milestone” for Covid. It declares that excess deaths have magically dropped back down to where they were before the pandemic—thanks to vaccines, Paxlovid, and “natural immunity.” They’re calling it “a sign that the pandemic

Stay as safe as you can,


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