Religion, Protests, Old Vaccines, and Five-Minute Coffee

There's several new stories up on the site that speak to the anger and dread everyone feels right now.

Religion, Protests, Old Vaccines, and Five-Minute Coffee

There's several new stories up on the site that speak to the anger and dread everyone feels right now. The world keeps sacrificing its values and dignity to achieve an elusive normal, while the problems we refuse to address continue to erupt in death, sickness, and chaos all over the world.

First, Nate Bear exposes a plan by the British government to pass off old, outdated Covid vaccines on its most vulnerable populations.

Let Them Eat Old Vaccines
It looks like Britain is offloading old, ineffective vaccines on the elderly and vulnerable.

The propaganda just doesn't let up. I've got a piece digging further into efforts by western governments to obscure or outright hide vital information about the threat that Covid still poses to us all. In their most insidious move, the CDC has changed how they calculate excess deaths. They even made it retroactive, in order to cover their tracks, but they still can't erase the truth:

Covid, It’s Never Going to Be a Regular Winter Bug
Here’s a look at the world on constant Covid infections.

Cuca Esteves talks about losing the right to protest around the world, as neoliberal governments crack down on dissent.

Losing Our Right to Protest
You’re far more likely to get arrested if you’re protesting against neoliberal interests.

The recent atrocities in Israel and Gaza have the world more divided than ever. Geoff Deihl reminds us about the importance of context. We have to listen to our emotions, but we can't let them override us.

Israel, Hamas, Palestinians and the U.S.
One atrocity doesn’t justify another. Please tell me. Who are the real monsters here?

Scroll down or visit the site, and you'll see some other recent stories. As the world slips further into irreversible global warming, Americans seem to care the most about their own personal salvation, and their Starbucks. This is exactly where the overlords of capitalism want everyone.

How Religion Corrupts Our Epistemic Vigilance
There’s a reason why so many Americans express indifference about the future.
The #1 Reason Why Civilization Will Collapse
Americans have strange priorities.

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Here's some highlights from the last year:

You’re Not a Fearmonger. You Have Sentinel Intelligence.
You’ve probably heard about Helen of Troy. She’s blamed for starting the Trojan War. Not many people remember Cassandra. She predicted it. In Aeschylus’s tragedy Agamemnon, you get Cassandra’s full story. In some ways, the Trojan War is really about a bunch of dudes who don’
If You Suffer from Urgent Normal Syndrome, Ask for Help
A woman finds a mask in her coat pocket, leftover from the 2021 mandate. It triggers such a violent emotional reaction in her mind that she throws the mask across the room and starts sobbing, then tweets about the experience. This woman might be suffering from urgent normal syndrome. What’
Sure Covid Can Kill You, but Have You Ever Taken a Hot Shower?
You probably know Bob Wachter, a San Fransisco doctor who’s made a reputation by sort of understanding Covid, but not really. There’s nothing remarkable about Bob. He gives mediocre advice. Consider this piece, where he talks about wearing a mask forever even though he routinely takes it off
It’s Not Cool to Overreact
We think people panic during a crisis. Actually, most do the opposite. In 1977, two planes collided above a runway on the island of Tenerife. A handful of passengers climbed out of the ruptured hull. Everyone else burned. It wasn’t because they were injured. They were all wide awake.
Good People Are The Worst: On Moral Licensing
It’s probably been a while since you thought about the Hunger Games. If you remember, Katniss gets a nasty little surprise at the end when the new leader, Coin, decides to keep everything just the same. She even wants to reboot the games. As it turns out, the district she

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