"Experts Aren't Sure" Until You're Dead

"Experts Aren't Sure" Until You're Dead

There's been a handful of stories across the internet lately pointing out that more Americans and Canadians, especially young adults, are dying than anyone expected this year. Weird, huh? For example, USA Today ran this and The Globe and Mail ran this. And The Telegraph ran this, noting the record level of heart attacks after the pandemic. There's also a piece in The New York Times that asks, "How Bad is a Second (or Third or Fourth) Case of Covid?" It's infuriating how obtuse these pieces are, but it's not shocking.

They all make the same statement:

"Experts aren't sure..."

They use different phrasing, but they pull the same moves. They introduce doubt and uncertainty where there's actually a lot of consensus. They cite one or two studies that confirm what we're witnessing with our own eyes. They pretend that nobody really knows what's going on.

They act like there's still a lot of debate.

There's actually very little.

There's hundreds of studies on the long-term, lethal risks of Covid. They paint a very clear picture. The mainstream media continually refuses to illuminate that picture for the public. Let's put it in plain language:

Getting Covid is bad for you.

We've known this since 2020. Here's an excerpt from UCSF Magazine, which interviews a range of experts:

Now researchers at UC San Francisco and around the world have begun taking a closer look at this dizzying array of symptoms to get at the disease’s root causes. They are learning from people inside the hospital and out; people on the brink of death and only mildly sick; people newly exposed and recovered; people young and old, Black, brown, and white. And they are beginning to piece together the story of a virus unlike any known before.

Let's emphasize that last phrase:

A virus unlike any known before.

That's the headline.

That's what the media should be telling the public. This virus does things that we've never seen a single virus do. It's not a respiratory virus. It's not the flu. It's much more. It invades your brain. It attacks and fuses neurons. It causes microlotting in your blood vessels.

It disrupts and damages your immune system.

It damages your heart.

It scars your lungs.

We're reliving the denial years we saw with HIV, with asbestos, with tobacco, with radium. There's an established historical precedent for corporations and politicians lying to the public about known health risks. There's a precedent for corrupt doctors to lie with full knowledge of the harm they're doing, because they're either pressured or paid to play along.

This is one of those times.

These aren't opinions. This isn't hypothetical. This isn't up for debate. These things are happening. Honest doctors and epidemiologists have observed it. They've observed these outcomes in healthy people. They've observed these outcomes in young people. They've tried to warn us.

Here's the only "debatable" part:

How many infections?

Well, sometimes it only takes one. Sometimes it takes three or four. All of the evidence points to a grim conclusion: If you keep getting infected with Covid, you will eventually develop a disabling condition.

It will eventually kill you.

We've also seen compelling evidence that you don't develop lasting immunity to Covid. Your symptoms might feel milder at first. That's it. You think you've gotten better, but Covid is still in you, doing damage.

The media either doesn't understand science, or they don't want to understand. No scientist is ever going to say they're 100 percent sure of anything. We've studied Covid for about 4 years now. That's not long, but we've already produced hundreds of articles that all indicate the same thing:

Covid is dangerous.

The media also pulls another move.

They present binaries.

You're either living in a bubble, or you're living your life. You're either living in fear, or you're moving on like the rest of the world. You're either ignoring Covid, or you have Covid anxiety syndrome.

It's one or the other.

They've stopped mentioning masks. They've stopped mentioning air purifiers. They recommend the same two things over and over: vaccines and Paxlovid (by Pfizer). They never talk about how difficult it is to get Paxlovid now. They never mention how hard it is to get a reliable test.

The media don't report that stores are selling expired test kits. They don't report that Covid is mutating faster than vaccines can keep up. They aren't grilling the CDC on their sluggish booster schedule. They aren't demanding updates on NextGen vaccines. They didn't report the drastic change in how the CDC calculates excess deaths.

They're asleep at the wheel.

I'm going to say it:

If we had a Republican president, the press would be barking at them constantly, just like they did the first year.

They're not.

That's not journalism.

We know why life expectancy is falling. We know why people are dying of sudden strokes and heart attacks. We know why musicians are collapsing on stage. We know why students are struggling in school.

It's Covid.

This is exactly what hundreds of experts warned us about for the last three years. They told us to expect a tsunami of heart attacks and strokes. They told us to expect a visible decline in learning.

We're seeing it.

The media will always be able to find one or two scientists willing to go on record and say, "I'm not sure." That's the safest response. It carries zero liability. That's exactly what every single living human says when they don't want to tell you what they're really thinking.

It's the ultimate nonanswer.

Those kinds of experts aren't sure about anything until you're dead. They weren't sure about asbestos, tobacco, radium, lead paint, or HIV until it was already too late for millions.

They call it waiting for the evidence.

You're the evidence.


We have more tools at our disposal than ever. Using masks and air purifiers doesn't mean you're living in a bubble. It means you're not as completely helpless and reliant on Pfizer as the mainstream media seems to want everyone to believe. You don't have to keep getting sick. You don't have to wait until late September to protect yourself from a virus that's surging now.

The media acts like experts aren't sure.

They're sure enough.

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