Got Germs? Coming to a Hospital Near You.

The CDC plans to weaken infection control guidelines. It's not based on science.

Got Germs? Coming to a Hospital Near You.
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You're supposed to get better in the hospital.

Not worse.

All of that depends on a crucial upcoming meeting. The first week of November, a CDC committee will discuss a proposal to weaken infection control guidelines for all healthcare settings. They're going to make it easier for you to catch diseases in the hospital, including ones that damage your heart and brain. They're not listening to experts or healthcare workers.


The flunkies at CDC refuse to admit two crucial points about viruses like Covid (SARS-2). First, they refuse to admit that they're airborne in the most common sense of the word. They also refuse to admit that mild Covid infections cause long-lasting, even permanent damage to organs and blood vessels. As one bioaerosol scientist has put it, "I think it frightens them."

Well, it should.

A new study in Nature Cardiovascular Research confirms three years of research on Covid heart damage. Here's a highlight:

The team found SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA in coronary artery tissue from all patients. They found more viral RNA in the arterial walls than in the surrounding fat tissue.

Not some, all patients.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, a mountain of evidence confirms that mild Covid causes brain damage and disruption. We also know that repeated Covid infections wear down your immune system. Hundreds of studies have warned us that Covid is a silent killer that spares no one, not even children. The media seems to be slowly waking up to this fact.

For example, here's The Mirror:

Scientists in the US conducted research into kids with the bug and found that a "high proportion" of those with the infection had raised levels of a biomarker linked to vascular trauma - a blood vessel injury.
Grim health warning for any children who test positive for Covid
Scientists have revealed another side effect of Covid-19 which can mainly effect children and teenagers - it comes after they launched a study to see the impact the bug had on cardiovascular health

The media is also finally acknowledging airborne spread, with news shows reintroducing research done by Linsey Marr and other aerosol scientists. Marr was recently awarded a MacArthur genius grant.

Here's the unfiltered truth:

We have an airborne virus spreading unchecked that causes permanent heart, organ, and blood vessel damage to almost everyone it infects. It's in our schools. It's in our offices. It's in our stores. It's in our hospitals. Our vaccines provide weak protection against these risks, and almost no protection if you were infected with Covid before getting vaccinated. Most people aren't getting boosted, and they're not wearing effective masks. They're catching Covid multiple times a year. They're blaming it on the flu because they can't get tested, and they're constantly pressured to "act normal" no matter what happens.

The CDC seems to want everyone to live in blissful ignorance of the danger, even as they drop dead from strokes and heart attacks at alarming rates, at all age groups. They've coordinated with the Biden administration to dismantle every single surveillance tool we have, including wastewater. They've even started manipulating mortality estimates.

It's nothing short of criminal.

At the very least, the CDC should be trying to ensure that we can go to the hospital without having to worry about getting even sicker.

They aren't.

The CDC committee's official name is the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC). It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Despite their considerable influence and authority over our lives, this committee doesn't have a single expert who acknowledges new research on airborne spread or aerosol science. And yet, they'll decide minimum standards for hospitals going forward. They'll determine when doctors and nurses have to wear a well-fitted N95 mask. They'll also decide on minimum standards for ventilation and isolation. All of these play a key role in whether or not you get sick.

One draft of their new guidelines directly states that "less intensive effort might be indicated when outcomes are not usually severe, the population has a high degree of immunity, and effective therapeutics and vaccines are available." The CDC's director Mandy Cohen confirmed this new approach when she spoke at Yale University in October. They also plan on officially recommending baggy surgical masks as equivalent to N95s. Currently, their guidelines say nothing about ventilation, UV lights, or even HEPA filters. They don't even directly acknowledge the airborne transmission of diseases.

More than 900 experts and healthcare workers sent a letter to the CDC this summer, urging them to reconsider their stance in light of current research. The CDC basically blew them off, saying they would seek input from researchers after they sent their proposal to the CDC.

By then, it'll be too late.

As experts point out, these committees hardly ever make changes to their proposals after submitting them for approval. They're essentially rubber-stamped and then made official policy.

If Covid wasn't enough, hospital-acquired infections already happen on a regular basis. They happen so often that healthcare researchers have given them a special name, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

A hospital-acquired infection can kill you. One study estimates hospital-acquired infections run as high as 19 percent in the ICU, with a rate of 4 percent for general patients. If you get sick while recovering from a severe illness, your mortality rate shoots up to 50 percent. If you're in the ICU, it runs above 70 percent. Infection during surgery isn't even the most common risk. You can catch an airborne disease like tuberculosis, measles, or Covid in your room.

The committee has been working on updating their guidelines for more than a year, since February 2022. They appear to be accommodating demands from healthcare CEOs to lower costs, at the expense of our safety and our lives, as well as the safety of healthcare workers.

To them, it's about money.

Not science.

Jane Thomason with National Nurses United was one of the first to blow the whistle on this disaster in early August.

Since then, public outrage has been mounting.

Sadly, we've grown to expect these maneuvers from a CDC that's been increasingly politicized over the last few years. Previously, we saw them relax self-quarantine and testing guidelines for everything from airlines to schools. Now we have a pilot shortage and a rising number of near midair collisions. We have a teacher shortage, student attendance problems, and record drops in test scores.

These decisions to relax guidelines have had disastrous consequences. It makes no sense to stay on this path.


In August, the CDC committee held a virtual meeting where they said nothing about any of these concerns. They were basically offering platitudes about improving care. Participants started speaking up. As Julia Doubleday writes, the questions made them visibly squirm in their seats. Since then, the CDC has posted an edited version of the meeting with the public commentary removed. Clearly, they're trying to suppress debate.

Critics of the CDC's process have been pointing out the lack of transparency. The committee is dodging direct questions and concerns about why they're not paying attention to the science on clean air.

Let's face it, the CDC has been compromised by corporate and political motives. We can't trust them to make decisions in our best interest. If we want them to do the right thing, we're going to have to make a lot of noise. We're going to have to make it difficult for them to ignore us.

Hospitals should be a place where everyone can go to feel safe. The CDC shouldn't be making us choose between getting care and getting Covid.

That's not healthcare.

That's murder.

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