They Want Us All To Die

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They Want Us All To Die
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Hello doomers,

Here's a few things going on right now:

First, Mexico City is almost out of water.

North America’s biggest city is running out of water
Mexico City is staring down a water crisis. It won’t be the last city to do so.

And Costa Rica is rationing electricity:

Costa Rica to ration electricity as drought bites
Costa Rica has become the latest Latin American country to introduce rationing due to drought, announcing Thursday it will limit access to electricity for which it relies heavily on hydro-generation.Further south, Ecuador has recently had to ration electricity due to a shortage of water for hydro-generation, while the capital of Colombia, Bogota, is rationing municipal water. apg/fj/db/mlr/st

These stories follow a general theme. Nobody's seen a drought, flood, storm, or disaster like this one in 50-100 years. As some of you are wondering already, how many 100-year disasters do we see every week now?

We're starting to lose count.

Water and electricity aren't the only things under ration.

In the U.S. and Britain, drug shortages have reached record highs. According to Axios, we're looking at 300 different drugs. In Britain, the shortages are so bad pharmacists can't fill prescriptions. They're referring to the shortages as "beyond critical," and people are dying. As you can imagine, the mainstream news is trying their best to soften the language with phrases like "patients can't access potentially life-saving medicines." Here's the story:

Medicine shortages in England ‘beyond critical’, pharmacists warn
Survey has revealed challenges faced by pharmacists and risk of harm to patients as key drugs are unavailable

There's a pretty obvious connection here for regular readers. In 2022, the public was bamboozled into infecting themselves with Covid over and over, a virus widely known (at least among scientists) to cause all kinds of damage to your immune system. Some of us have spent the last two years chronicling the growing pile of papers confirming what Covid does to every system in the body. On cue, we're now seeing record spikes in illness.

For example:

ECDC warns of surge in pertussis cases in Europe
Whooping cough cases in Europe have seen a nearly 10-fold increase in 2023 and 2024.

Given record drug shortages and record surges in illnesses, you'd think our leaders would be encouraging N95 masks or better. We know that masks work, and we know they suppressed the spread of diseases when we wore them. The surges in diseases we're seeing now are the direct result of:

A) We're not masking anymore.

B) We have weakened immune systems from constant infections.

So, are politicians encouraging masks?

No, they're trying to outlaw them.

In North Carolina, state lawmakers are trying to repeal medical exceptions to their mask bans with a bill called "Unmasking Mobs and Criminals." They're joining a disturbing trend we've seen over the last year, with a growing number of establishments and even universities prohibiting masks.

North Carolina lawmaker proposes ban on face coverings at protests
A lawmaker in North Carolina has proposed a ban on face coverings and masks at protests following a wave of pro-Palestine demonstrations at college campuses across the country.

Here's what the University of Connecticut pulled:

This fits into another trend we've seen, that elitists will procure the exact same protections and technologies for themselves that they deny to the rest of us, as we recently learned the WHO did back in 2020, upgrading their own ventilation immediately while taking years to publicly acknowledge the airborne spread of pathogens. They knew, and they lied.

When so many stories like this hit at once, it reminds me of the economist Thomas Malthus. On that note, here's my latest:

They Want Us All To Die
It’s the only logical explanation.

Stay safe and soulful,


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