How to Prepare for a Bird Flu Pandemic

A roundup.

How to Prepare for a Bird Flu Pandemic
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Hello doomers,

I've started doing a more conventional news roundup:

What’s Going on Right Now

I'm also getting back into satire for subscribers. I think most of us know how to actually prepare for a pandemic. (Effective masks, ventilation, air purifiers, social distancing, alcohol, and bleach.) But that's boring. Here's a more interesting way you could prepare for what's coming:

How to Prepare for a Bird Flu Pandemic
If you can’t beat them, profit off them.

Today is technically my last day as a professor. I'm mostly trying to focus on the future, but I'm reflecting a little as well. Ironically, the last email from my dean was about spending the rest of our department's funds this year on a flat-screen television, after having denied one of my colleagues a raise for the exact same amount. They can't give teachers a living wage or promote actual critical thinking, but they can buy gadgets. That hits right as we see universities banning masks at graduation ceremonies and threatening to arrest protestors. It's a good time to be leaving higher education and doing something more meaningful.

Take care,


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