The World is Throwing a Fit of Amnesia

The World is Throwing a Fit of Amnesia

Hello doomers,

I'm working on another news roundup for the weekend. In the meantime, I completely rewrote an older piece on collective amnesia. I think it's driving a lot of the anti-mask agenda we're seeing now, from the forthcoming ban in North Carolina to the disturbing anti-mask rhetoric we just saw from NY Mayor Eric Adams. Masks serve as cues of recent collective trauma and government irresponsibility, so the powers that be want them gone. It's not the only reason, but it's certainly in the mix.

The World is Throwing a Fit of Collective Amnesia
The right is spreading memory ignorance.

Meanwhile, I'm seeing some indications that public pressure is actually starting to bend the North Carolina Governor's office:


Let's keep trying. We know the stakes. If the NC law passes, it poses a threat to everyone living in a red state, anyone who has relatives in a red state, anyone who has to work or travel in a red state, and beyond. That's all of us. It's not just about the masks, either. It's about power and control. We have more power than we think. We have our money. As we're constantly reminded, it's a form of speech, maybe the only one we listen to. I suspect NC politicians won't listen to arguments about public health, but they'll listen to people who won't travel there or spend a dollar on NC businesses if the ban passes.

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