This site offers a home to writers who care about the future of the planet, which includes public health and social health. We also offer a home to writers who are sick of wishful thinking. We're recruiting writers from across the world to talk about urgent issues and tell it like it is.

We like personal stories, and we like stories that focus on research and data. Both serve important roles. We want stories that don't flinch from the truth about society's flaws, government corruption, and the need for practical thinking. We cover topics including pandemics, potential pandemics, climate change, climate narratives, prepping and survival, and political activism.

Right now, we pay $50 per article. We plan to raise the pay as our platform grows. If you're interested in writing for us, send an email to jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

We try to take a very light touch with editing, but we also might need to add some content to turn your piece into the best version of itself.

We edit for clarity. Sometimes, we split a sentence or combine a paragraph to help a piece flow better. We might add a short sentence to drive home a point. Sometimes we'll add a paragraph or a section if a point needs extra emphasis or discussion of the implications.

We try to keep the writer's original featured image. Sometimes, we'll run one that's similar. We strive to keep the changes under 10 percent. If a piece needs major conceptual reworking, an editor will let you know.

Keep it real,


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