This Week: Watching The World Burn on Our Phones

This Week: Watching The World Burn on Our Phones

There's been a lot of discussion recently about why we seem to be angrier and meaner these days. Of course, a lot of these discussions willfully overlook the obvious. I think these posts sum up the collective psychological state we're in:

Watching The World Burn on Our Phones
There’s this play by Eugene Ionesco called, “Rhinoceros.” You should read it sometime. It’s about an ordinary dude named Berenger, a Lebowski type who drinks too much and never shows up anywhere on time. Things get interesting when he meets up with a friend for coffee, but their conversation get…
We’re in a Behavioral Sink
Back in the 1950s, this guy named John B. Calhoun built a rat paradise. Actually, he built several. He gave the rats everything they needed to live in peace and harmony. Then he sat back and watched. He wanted to see what they’d do. They didn’t disappoint. Or, I guess,
The Moral Injury of It All
Until recently, there was a feeling I couldn’t describe. It wasn’t trauma. It wasn’t fatigue. It wasn’t anger or sadness. It wasn’t depression. It was a feeling that I couldn’t trust anyone anymore. It was a feeling that I would spend the rest of my life making impossible choices that
F☺ck Happiness
John Stuart Mill once wrote, “Happiness can only be glimpsed out of the corner of an eye, not stared at directly.” Well, most of us did the exact opposite. We didn’t just stare at happiness. We stalked it. If happiness were a woman, it would take out a restraining order

Some readers have noticed my posts getting a little shorter. They're right. Different platforms open up new possibilities for different voices, styles, and formats, just like different types of venues helped music evolve. I don't feel like I always need to deliver a 5-minute read anymore to get my points across.

It's nice.

Keep on dooming,


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