Updates: "That's Never Going to Work." How Futility Bias Keeps Us from Even Trying.

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Here's some updates:

Readers have been asking for more tiers to help OK Doomer keep going. You can now choose between four tiers, starting at $1 a month (or $9 a year) if you're on a tight budget. You can be a dollar doomer, a little doomer, a big doomer, or a super doomer. I'm hoping this gives people more options. This will also help fund more contributors on the site.

Some people have asked about the plan going forward with emails. Here's the deal: I'll be sending out email newsletters about 3 times a week. Most of these emails will list out individual stories. If you're worried about missing anything, you can always head straight to the site and look at the main story feed. Every now and then, I might send a more substantial newsletter with important information embedded right into the email. Those kinds of posts will also go on the site like everything else.

Don't feel like you have to read every single story immediately. You can pace yourself. Save the emails and/or bookmark the site.

Read when you have time.

We've got a handful of new stories up. The first one introduces a helpful new term called futility bias, something that emerged from discussions with Michael R. Hicks and others about the doctrine of indifference that so many people seem to show when it comes to our biggest threats.

“That’s Never Going to Work.” How Futility Bias Keeps Us from Even Trying.
When someone tells you to give up, there’s a pathology behind it.

Here's some other great reads:

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10 Reasons Our Civilization Will Soon Collapse
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What I wish John Oliver knew about Franklin, Tennessee
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Political science explains why you shouldn’t dismiss radical, extremist views.
It’s Too Late, and It’s Our Fault
Let’s put the anger over Gaza where it belongs.
Novavax? It’s Worth a Shot (A Little Bit of Good News)
There’s good news about Novavax, and vaccines in general. Of course, there’s always a reality check.

If you're interested in writing for OK Doomer, email me at jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com. I've responded to a number of queries and I'll be catching up on loose ends tonight. Check out the new tiers. As always, you can make one-off contributions here.

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