Local Family Disregards All of Young Couple's Holiday Requests

Family holiday dinner.

Hello doomers,

If you need to blow off a little steam after interacting with your families all day, I might have just the thing you need. And if your relatives did something to bug you, consider sharing and maybe I'll add it to the story:

Local Family Disregard’s All of Young Couple’s Holiday Requests
All the things they do.

I have a weird holiday tradition of reading about macabre things around Christmas, history in particular. This year, I stumbled across a book by Jang Jisheng on the Chinese famine of 1958-1962. It's not macabre for its own sake. There's a lot of lessons about humanity in here as well, along with some gratitude that we at least haven't lived through this yet.

The Future of Famine
A look at reality.

Merry Doomas,


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