Bird Flu and Startup Dreams

Bird Flu and Startup Dreams

Hello doomers,

I'm back, for good this time. Yesterday I posted about my job resignation. Soon, I won't be a professor anymore. I meant to attach a note to that post but hit the wrong button. So here's the note.

I've been wondering about the future of OK Doomer. Well, I'm staying. Now that I don't teach anymore, I have time to write and pursue my other stuff (and homeschool my kid). I've wanted to publish more over the last several weeks. Honestly, I was busy with trying to keep my job, arranging the move, packing, and getting ready for homeschool, on top of learning how to use 3D design software.

Now I'm in a much better place to juggle everything. So, here's two new pieces along with my post on education, which is kind of blowing up on social media right now. I guess it resonates.

The most recent post speaks to a theme I haven't addressed directly for a while. It occurred to me while reading about Tom Anderson, the guy who sold MySpace for hundreds of millions and then essentially vanished from public life. Maybe instead of trying to get rich and bail on society, we could actually make a society people don't want to escape from? I know it's a little late in the game of global industrial collapse to float that argument, but I figured it's worth saying at least one more time.

You probably already know the latest on bird flu. Or maybe you don't. Either way, this first post is probably worth your time. We're going to live the rest of our lives either in a pandemic, or on the brink of a pandemic. It's pointless to call that fearmongering. It's just reality.

I'm going to be writing quite a bit over the next few days and making a few other updates to the direction of content, etc. I'm going to keep emails down to 2-3 week, so they don't bombard everyone. If you want to see my posts in real time, you can always visit the site.

Worried About Bird Flu? Welcome to The Party, Pal. You’re Late.
Everyone’s talking about bird flu now. It’s an evolving situation. Right now, the mainstream news media is desperately trying to catch up on a story that’s been happening for two years now. It would be funny if so many lives weren’t at stake. The public reaction? Look at the discourse:
I’m a Tenured College Professor. I’m Quitting. Here’s Why.
Americans are letting education fall apart. Politicians are helping it.
What We Can Learn from Rich Dudes Who Vanish from Society
Everyone wants to escape.

Enjoy and stay safe,


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