What Happened to Us?

What Happened to Us?

Anthony Fauci recently went on the BBC to talk about the new surge of Covid cases. He said something remarkable:

"The vulnerable will fall by the wayside. They'll get infected. They'll get hospitalized, and some will die."

He said it in a casual tone.

He was almost smiling.

Once America's favorite doctor, Fauci now encourages the public to disregard the needs of the vulnerable and accept their deaths. He joins a squad of minimizing doctors who lie to everyone, assuring them that "only the vulnerable" need to worry about Covid now.

Meanwhile, schools in L.A. have followed Britain's example by encouraging parents to send sick children to school, where they're guaranteed to make other children sick, who then get their families sick.

Public officials continue to spread the lie about "children's higher resiliency" to germs. They continue to ignore the now unavoidable evidence that Covid causes long-term harm to everyone, including children. Just as we think our leaders reached the bottom, they find a new low.

What happened to us?

For the record, Americans aren't nearly as healthy as they think they are. They frequently overestimate their health. More than 50 percent of adults in America have at least 1 chronic underlying condition. That number includes heart disease, cancer, asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure. More than 27 percent have multiple underlying conditions.

We also know that barely 80 percent of women and barely 70 percent of men get an annual checkup. Anywhere from 75 to 90 percent of Americans who don't eat vegetables or exercise consider themselves healthy.

In other words, they're wrong.

That's the thing about eugenics. Nobody is invincible. We're all vulnerable. We're all fragile. A handful of corrupt leaders simply trick the public into thinking they're perfect, for an ulterior motive.

In this case, it's money.

We also know that the Koch network and other organizations have invested billions of dollars attacking public health. They've repeatedly pushed lies in order to convince the public to engage in "normal" activities like going to work, traveling, and eating out. They claim to care about the economy. In reality, they're invested in fossil fuels and commercial real estate.

They care about their own profits.

Finally, we know that continuing to let Covid spread isn't good for anyone. It's not good for children. It's not good for the elderly and vulnerable. It's not good for healthy adults. It's not good for adults who merely believe they're healthy but in reality have at least one underlying condition.

The media has served as a willing accomplice to the billionaire networks who've conducted this assault on public health. Over the summer, they even promoted the myth that excess deaths had fallen, when in truth the CDC had merely changed their methods of calculation to manipulate perception.

This same CDC now recommends washing our hands but won't say a word about N95 masks. Their new director was chosen because of her "political clout," not her commitment to science or public health.

It shows.

Time and again, research in psychology has shown how easy it is to manipulate the public into doing things they find deeply wrong. They can even be convinced to do things against their own interests. Research has also shown how quickly we abandon our own sense of reason and compassion when we're subjected to external pressure and stress. We're all tired and overworked. If anything, that seems to be part of the plan by the World Economic Forum.

The rich want to make us so financially desperate and so eager for a break that we don't fight back against anything.

So far, it's working.

The truth is that we're dealing with a kind of virus the world has never seen before. It's airborne. It's incredibly contagious. It infects every organ in the body. It unravels your immune system. It can fuse brain cells. It mutates faster than anything ever seen. It doesn't obey seasonal patterns like the flu. Every day, more evidence confirms our early reaction:

You should be scared of it.

The measures we can take are simple: masks and clean air. The rich don't want to pay for it. They never want to pay for anything.

They consider your safety a waste.

There has only ever been one solution here. We're going to keep wearing masks and demanding clean air. We're going to keep demanding better vaccines, not minimum viable product vaccines that last a few months. We're going to install ventilation and air purifiers. We're going to keep speaking up. We have to repeat ourselves as many times as it takes.

We're not going to let the likes of Fauci dominate the discourse.

Fear is a healthy, rational emotion to feel toward something that poses a threat to your life and your health. You aren't being conditioned to abandon your own sense of compassion for the vulnerable.

That's just where it starts.

Once you learn how to disregard others, it's easier to disregard yourself. You start to see yourself as disposable.

You're not.

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