Updates: Fear Speech, The Second Coming, and Your Doomsday Toilet

Updates: Fear Speech, The Second Coming, and Your Doomsday Toilet

Greetings, Doomers:

We've got a few new pieces up on the site. First, Alan Urban talks about the problems your toilet will pose in the event of civilization's collapse. It's something more of us should be thinking about. Katie Jgln talks about the rise of fear speech, and how the right uses it to bypass social media content filters. Anthony Williams talks about America's obsession with the rapture and the second coming. Michael Nabert talks about the coming tsunami of wildfire bankruptcies. Finally, I talk about what the Democratic party seems to be sacrificing for the sake of political expedience: namely, us.

Joe Biden Has Already Lost
The Democratic party is sacrificing its core values for power.
When Civilization Collapses, Your Toilets Will Turn on You
Here’s what you can do.
Fear Speech: The Problem No One Talks About
Nothing will change until social media companies stop monetizing attention.
Why Do You Want Jesus to Come Back Anyway?
There’s an awful lot of selfishness behind the idea of the rapture.
Wildfire Evacuation Bankruptcies Are Coming
And what the NWT can possibly do about it.

Here's a bonus piece on crisis fatigue and what the media's focus on personal sleep hygiene conveniently omits about rest:

You’re Really, Really Tired All The Time. It’s Not Your Fault.
Sleep hygiene tells lies of omission.

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