Updates: Everyone Has The Right to Mask

Updates: Everyone Has The Right to Mask

We know it happens every day, but it's a big deal when the local news finally decides to report on the growing aggression and hostility toward maskers, especially in schools. Teachers have started forcing students to remove their masks unless they have a "medical reason." Well, there's always a valid medical reason to wear a mask, not to mention a constitutional right.

Everyone Has The Right to Mask
A teacher at a San Antonio charter school recently ordered a student to remove her mask, even though she has asthma. On top of that, she’s trying to protect her sister, who has cancer. The Covid cautious community is rightfully disturbed. As the head of the school stated, “We have

As tropical storm Hilary makes disaster history, we're seeing the minimizers ramp up their rhetoric. It seems like the worse things get, the harder they try to convince themselves (and everyone else) there's nothing to be concerned about. There's a psychological term for that, reactance.

“There’s No Cause for Alarm.”
It doesn’t matter if there’s a hurricane heading for California or a new strain of a deadly virus spreading around the world. A lot of people just don’t care anymore. They want their vacations. They want their concerts. They get high off telling everyone, “It’s just weather” or “You do

Mental health has become a battleground as we all try to cling to our insanity while getting throttled by world events. The wellness grifters are out in force telling us how to take care of ourselves. There's a sociopolitical side here we can't ignore. For example, here's the ugly truth about sleep:

The Ugly Truth About Sleep
Sleep has turned into a form of class privilege. It’s also a weapon in class warfare. I’m guessing you don’t need yet another life coach or wellness grifter selling you on the concept of sleep. You’ve probably spent a lot of time and money on it

The most important stories I write will always remain free, but I've been looking for ways to add material for subscribers. So I've started adding some longer essays I've written about less urgent topics. Here, I dig into the extremely weird history of the self-help industry:

Self-Help or Self-Harm? A Weird History.
It all started with a man named Phineas Quimby, a clockmaker who delved into alternative spirituality and mesmerism. During the 1840s, he started traveling around “curing” diseases. He practiced a form of hypnotism in front of large crowds, charging folks $5 or $10 to tell them there was nothing w…

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