Trump and the Mythical Support of the Black Community

The reason why men love Trump as a leader is pretty obvious.

Trump and the Mythical Support of the Black Community
Photo by Alex Robinson on Unsplash

If we were to summarize America’s moral fortitude I would use the word non-existent.


Remember when Chris Rock said that joke about Marion Barry - the senator who was found smoking crack and got his job back?

Well, my friends, it has gotten much worse. 

We are potentially voting a convicted felon into the office of President. 

It's staggering to me that we embrace the paradox of wanting to look as if we are a strong country but have no problem with the leader of the free world ruling in an Orange suit - and I am not talking about his skin tone.

Here’s an even more shocking tone - Niggas for Trump 2024. 

They have forgotten how bad racism was when Trump was in office. They forgot how the hate groups escalated throughout his administration. After doing a quick Google search, it seems like the group’s main goal is to sell merchandise. However, they do bring up a point that I was curious about.

What did Trump do for Black people? 

Trump had said that he has done more for Blacks than any other President other than Lincoln. A ton of African Americans started to believe this. Whenever asked what he(Trump) did, the most they can ever say is that he has put money in their pockets or ‘He’s done a lot for Black people’ and then insult them.

Although the unemployment rate was much lower underneath Biden and wages didn’t increase a dime, he is still wanted. 

I started to do some research. However, I realized that I didn’t need to. This is what he did.

He took out a full-page ad in the New York Post condemning five black kids accused of rape with no evidence whatsoever. They were released years later for being innocent.

He hired Omarosa and gave kudos to Candace Owens.

He gave some money to Black colleges. 

He lied about a global pandemic that statistically affected the African-American community more than everyone else. 

He created a tax bill that saved some people in the Black community some cash in the short run. However, that was a temporary relief that will end in 2025. The middle class will pay the price once again. 

He also let some Blacks come into his rallies without his seething racist Maga followers beating the crap out of them. ‘You gotta keep the cap on! It will save you!’

That’s pretty much it. 

The brutal truth is that no one can articulate what he has done for Blacks. The main reason is that most Black people have absolutely no idea what he did for them. Some may mention his foreign policy - but they couldn’t tell you what aspects.

Another brutal truth is that so many of our Presidents have been hardcore racist that the bar for Trump was pretty low. 

And now the nail on the head has been hit. The reason why men love Trump as a leader is because he doesn’t ask anything of you. You can be however you want. You don’t have to respect women, be intelligent, be loyal. You don't have to worry about making great decisions or having any semblance of character at all. You don’t have any standard to hold yourself to. You may become even more successful.

We will have no moral standards. Morality will be optional. A waste of time. A poor second choice to narcissistic behavior. 

It gets even worse. 

I’ve pretty much given up on the idea that racism will ever go away. Why? Too many Blacks could care less about racism if you give them decent gas prices. For everyone that screams racism, two Black men are insulting them and telling them to sit down. Too many Black men have internalized white supremacy talking points. They don’t want to go to college anymore. 

People get super offended that Biden said ‘If you are Black you will vote for me’, but have no problem voting for a president under which hate crimes and racial intolerance grew over 40%. 

Here is the problem. Every single person on the planet knows that Trump is comfortable with racial antagonism. When a Black person supports Trump, they are seen by other racists as a person who is 'willing to be a free thinker'. Racism nowadays is recognized as 'thinking outside of the box' instead of anti-Blackness. What they are saying is ‘Hey I know you agree with what we think of your people. I’m glad you think the same way too.’

Blacks think that since they are being talked to that way, they are finally sharing a seat at the table. They don’t realize they are being looked at side-eye.

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