Things You Can't Survive with $5 Million

It's long.

Asteroids hitting city.

On Christmas Day of all days, Yahoo published an article with the clickbaitiest of headlines, "Kevin O'Leary says you need $5 million to survive anything." I know what you're thinking. My god, are we still talking about Christmas? And: who's Kevin O'Leary?

He's been on Shark Tank since it started. He turned "seed money" from his parents into a fortune. Yep, he's one of those people.

Oh, and you're also probably thinking:

Yeah, 5 mil sounds good.

Alas, you're wondering if you'd actually survive anything with $5 million. Like anything anything? Yahoo doesn't really dig into that question. Aside from offering such brilliant advice as "start a business" and "don't make mistakes," it's hard to tell what the point of the article was other than making everyone fantasize about being rich. Wait a minute. I think that's the real point of these articles.

Anyway, I'm currently more interested in testing Mr. Wonderful's premise. (Yes, that's his actual nickname.)

Let's see here...

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