Overly Optimistic Predictions for 2024

It would be nice.

Woman watching falling umbrellas.

It's easy to predict social collapse.

That's shooting fish in a barrel at this point. It's a little harder to put your imagination to the test and imagine a better world.

What could happen in 2024?

Let's see:

Everyone stops spreading disease.

Your friends start posting Covid revelations. "Hey guys, have you seen this article from two years ago? It says mild Covid destroys your health and masks really do work!" The next time you go out, there's air purifiers everywhere. An Uber driver tells you, "The Cochrane review was based on faulty assumptions." We reverse decades of misinformation and start vaccinating kids. Jenny McCarthy apologizes for destroying public health. "I'm going to spend the rest of my life atoning," she says. Most people don't know who she is anymore, but some of us appreciate the gesture.

Actually, never mind.

None of that happens. Instead, Covid mutates a conscience. It starts to feel bad for humans and goes back to infecting bats.

I mean, that could happen.

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