This is Not The Dystopian Helltrip I Asked For

We can do better.

This is Not The Dystopian Helltrip I Asked For

Hey, remember the first time you saw Blade Runner. Be honest with yourself. You wanted to live there, at least for a week. You wanted to fly around with Deckard, hunting down cyborg assassins.

There might've been epic amounts of social injustice and no human rights to speak of, but they had space colonies.

In Total Recall, you could get an entire vacation implanted in your head. You could just walk in and order new memories.

In 12 Monkeys, a virus kills off 99 percent of the world's population. It only takes a year. I mean, at least it's fast. On top of that, the surviving humans discover time travel. That's a nice consolation prize.

What do we get??? Grok, by Grimes? I'm sorry, but this thing does not look like it could develop consciousness and strangle me in my sleep. And that's the whole problem. I paid good money for this dystopia.

I want my money back.

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