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Eiffel Tower collapsing

We've got a few more posts up.

They hit hard. They're relevant. They're personal. They're the kind of stories that deserve attention. There's a theme here, and it's how a rigged system now tries to place all the responsibility of collapse on us as individuals.

Even the help we get comes at a cost.

Here's the roundup:

Tony Dunn writes about the insurance nightmare that climate survivors face after losing their homes. He lived it.

The System Isn’t Designed to Help You
If climate change doesn’t kill you, it will bankrupt you.

Nate Bear provides an insider's perspective on the special interests that run our news media. Like politics, it's pay to play.

Covid Silence and How The Media Works
An insider explains why the most important stories often get the least attention.

TACT explores the ulterior motives behind those free Covid tests.

The Illusion of “Free” COVID Tests: A Deeper Dive Exposing Hidden Agendas
You have to wonder why the administration is sending out tests and not N95 masks.

I've got a post on the agenda that works against vaccines for children. It examines the cost of using adolescents as political tools while refusing to protect them. They're using our children against us.

The Lie That’s Destroying Children’s Lives
Research tells us that Covid itself continues to do more harm than lockdowns ever did.

Now some updates:

I'm working on a submissions page. If you're interested in writing for OK Doomer, shoot me an email here: Tell me what topics or issues you'd like to cover. Include a link to any blogs or websites you run. I'll get back to you in a day or two.

If you don't write but have an idea for a story, reach out to me.

This platform is growing.

We're going to be diving into the topics and perspectives that the conventional media won't touch. I want to cover the kinds of issues that get buried in the ways that Nate Bear describes. The stories we published this week take a big step in that direction. If you'd like to see more, please think about signing up as a paid subscriber or making a donation here.

Keep on dooming,


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