Kit Campoy

The Voice of the Frontline

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Michael Nabert

Navigating a world in crisis with as much informed reason and good humour as I can muster. Imperfect but improving, with a tropism towards nature, intelligence or kindness.

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Thomas Ott

A semi-retired civil engineer who works in a startup, writes a lot, and loves nature.

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Cuca Esteves

I am officially Maria de los Angeles Esteves, from Argentina, but I moved around. I am a piano teacher, composer and writer. I am also The Nasty Woman in Substack and volunteer in a radio show.

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Katie Jgln

Social scientist and writer pushing for better humanity. London based. Also at:

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Ossiana Tepfenhart

It's Ossiana, formerly of Medium.

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Charles A. Waltz

Just a concerned David Tennant fan ❤️❤️ Founder: #FansMASKUP

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Birgitte Rasine

Award-winning Czech-American literary author, publisher, and former journalist for the Hollywood trades. Passionate chocophile. Mama of twin substacks The Muse and The Cacao Muse.

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Reporting the latest science, data, and analysis in order to achieve a sustainable path forward.

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Xtine M

Movies and doom

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