Doomer: A Living Book

Doomer: A Living Book

Hello doomers,

Over the years, a number of readers and even a few agents have encouraged me to write a book. I never thought I would have the time or the energy to write another book, apart from some short experimental ones. What I didn't realize until recently was that I've written hundreds of thousands of words since then, and some of them fit together into a fully-fledged book. I've spent the last several days shaping some of my best posts into chapters, expanding them considerably, adding some new insights and research, and directing them toward the larger feel of the times we live in. I really wanted to fully articulate the philosophy of Cassandras and doomers here, in response to the backlash we face and our portrayal in the media. This thing has some weight to it, maybe even some gravitas.

I've decided to sell the ebook version on Gumroad. I'm also going to be putting together a paperback and hardback with a dust jacket. At least for myself, I've wanted something physical to mark the experience of the last few years, something worthy of a bookshelf. Something nice.

Walt Whitman released several editions of Leaves of Grass. I'm a fan of writers who buck convention. This work, Doomer, feels like it needs to be a living book, something that can be updated and released once every couple of years as we get deeper into this era. So, enjoy. And if you happen to catch any typos, please let me know. I did my best.

News roundups will resume shortly.

Take care,


Nobody ever listens, do they? They call you hysterical, a fearmonger, a doomer. A little validation would feel nice. You’re just trying to guard your health and your sanity, and maybe those around you. This book explores the history and psychology behind all of the aggressive wishful thinking in our culture, so you can navigate it a little better. It offers the mythical figure of Cassandra as an inspiration and role model for those of us who feel cursed to hear the future. You’ll get much more than a bunch of collected essays here. These are expanded and polished rewritings, carefully integrated into chapters, with fresh commentary and perspectives on the chaos we battle every day, along with some observations and insights designed to offer some solace.

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