A List of Posts


A List of Posts

Everything “That Friend” Wants You to Know About Covid
We’re scratching the surface.
Let’s Talk About The Weather. It’s Getting Worse.
A look at trends.
They’re Coming for Your Mask: A Survey on Discrimination
The fears are real.
Mild at First: A Brief History of The 1918 Bird Flu Pandemic
History doesn’t repeat. It mutates.
Just Don’t Do It
Americans don’t know when to quit.
Fight, Flight, or Forfeit: What Happened to Fear
Why nobody’s scared anymore.
If You Love Being Alone, There’s Nothing Wrong with You.
After reading this study, I couldn’t stop laughing.
Strangers to Our Futures
What psychology tells us about ourselves.
Panic. It’s Good For You.
Overturning a stigma.
The Age of The Wendigo
Greed breeds cannibalism.
How Good, Kind, Caring People Became The Bad Guys
An unfortunate psychological trait.
We’re Getting GhostGirled
A lesson from history.
Nose Sprays: A Last Line of Defense in a World Hellbent on Giving You Covid
Here’s what we know.
Novavax? It’s Worth a Shot (A Little Bit of Good News)
There’s good news about Novavax, and vaccines in general. Of course, there’s always a reality check.
We’re Sick of Getting Sick All The Time. Clean The Air.
Join the revolution.
Why So Many People Don’t Listen to Warnings
There’s a psychology behind it.
How to Prepare for Water Shortages While There’s Still Time
Let’s face it, we’re going to run out of water. Scientists from practically every field have been predicting it for years. Global demand for water will outgrow our supply by 40 percent before the end of the decade. By 2050 or sooner, 5 billion people will face water shortages. That’s
One Book Destroyed Western Civilization. No, It’s Not The Bible.
One book synthesized and popularized the most toxic ideas in American history.
Everyone Daydreams About Collapse. Few Understand It.
The author of “Frankenstein” wrote an honest book about the end of the world.
I’m a Tenured College Professor. I’m Quitting. Here’s Why.
Americans are letting education fall apart. Politicians are helping it.
The Third Layer of Fear
Psychologists call it “anticipatory anxiety.” It’s also known as the third layer of fear. It’s a little complicated. Basically, you’re so scared of something you start to avoid anything that has anything remotely to do with the object of your fear. That would be a good way to describe the
It’s All About Repetition, Repetition, Repetition: How Lies Work
And how to fight back.
If You Suffer from Urgent Normal Syndrome, Ask for Help
An urge to act “normal” during emergencies could be a sign of mental distress.
You’re Not a Fearmonger. You Have Sentinel Intelligence.
Some of us can hear the future.

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