What's Happening Now: The Law of Jante

What's Happening Now: The Law of Jante
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I've got two new posts up. The first one offers an answer to a common problem a lot of us are dealing with, struggling for recognition or even basic respect in an increasingly fractured social landscape:

You Broke The Law of Jante. That’s Why.
How vanilla wins.

The second one takes on a recent op-ed column that manages to downplay Covid and bird flu in the same breath.

Why The Biggest Threat from Bird Flu is Neoliberal Propaganda
A lesson in agendas.

Here's what else is going on:

Day Zero Approaches

Without a miracle, Mexico City will run out of drinking water before the end of this month. The government is already rationing water and trucking it into the city, but it's not enough. When there is drinking water, it's often brown fowl stuff. The shortages are so bad that police have joined protests. They don't have running water in their bathrooms. The city relies on summer rains to replenish its aquifers and reservoirs. Instead, they're getting a heat dome with temperatures well above 100F. Poor infrastructure and water management have made the problem worse. So has predatory capitalism. Some experts say Mexico City has been losing up to 40 percent of its water to leaks and theft. In other words, private companies have been draining reservoirs and then selling it.

Speaking of water...

Water main breaks in Atlanta forced a state of emergency as hospitals in the downtown area had to evacuate patients. Residents were under a boil water advisory. Local journalists and activists say city leaders have neglected water infrastructure for years. Like many other cities around the country, they've invested tens of millions in militarized police, but they can't keep the water on for their own citizens. It's a glimpse into the future.

Memory Problems?

The Today Show recently ran a spot on the "mystery" of heart attacks in young people. There's just one problem. On top of the dozens of major studies on the heart and organ damage caused by Covid, The Today Show ran a piece last year saying "Doctors and researchers are beginning to see connection between Covid surges and heart attacks." Stuff like this just further undermines everyone's trust in the corporate media.

A Cold Day in Hell

A giant storm hit parts of Texas and Colorado this week, dumping fist-sized hail and dropping the temperature from 105F to the mid-50s in just under an hour. There was so much hail, road crews had to haul out snowploughs. As the climate destabilizes, we can expect more of this.

School's Out for Summer

A surprisingly earnest piece in The Washington Post illustrates the very real impact climate change is having on us. Heat waves are now driving school closures, since the aging buildings and HVAC systems can't pump out enough cool air. Will city leaders address the problem, or simply invest more in their police? I think we already know.

Prices finally heading down?

Major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target are finally dropping prices as they "realize their colossal pricing mistake." It punctuates conclusive evidence that it was a hunger for profits that drove more than half of the price increases we've seen over the last four years. According to a report from the Groundwork Collaborate, corporate profit used to account for about 11 percent of inflation. Now it accounts for 53 percent. In fact, corporate greed is now the primary reason why we can't get back down to the Fed's 2 percent target, and why they won't be cutting interest rates. Yep, greedflation is real.

Sell your soul for $500K

According to Business Insider, Walmart is planning to overhaul its pay system for managers. Some of them will now enjoy the possibility of earning $500,000. The average pay is already six figures. Many of their cashiers and stock workers still make between $15 and $20. Once again, we see resources directed anywhere except where they actually need to go.

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