What Happened to Fear?


What Happened to Fear?
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Hello doomers,

Here's a news roundup for the week:

What’s Going on Right Now

Here's a piece on implosion therapy you might like:

Fight, Flight, or Forfeit: What Happened to Fear
Why nobody’s scared anymore.

A request:

This newsletter has grown to more than 22,000 subscribers. A small percentage of readers are helping me keep this going, and it's deeply appreciated. (I have to pay to host this site, and I also have to pay to access content on other platforms. Even when things are rough for me, I'm still supporting local food banks, climate research institutes, and civil rights organizations.) As these two posts show, it's important for us to stay current on what's going on. There's a struggle happening for our health, our brains, and our souls.

Those aren't assets for the rich.

They belong to us.

You might know about Epoch Times, a wellspring of misinformation that recently turned out to be a giant money laundering front. I'm just one person trying to entertain, inform, and protect people. It would be really nice to keep the majority of this content free. But it needs support.

Take care,


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