We Live in The Age of the Dragon King


We Live in The Age of the Dragon King

Hello doomers,

I've updated and rewritten a couple of older posts with new information and insights. I think they speak to what's going on now. The first one covers new information on the neurological damage and disruption caused by Covid.

Covid Causes Much More than Brain Fog
A mountain of evidence tells us that even mild Covid is bad for your brain.

The second one discusses a concept from systems theory.

We Live in the Age of the Dragon King. You Can’t Predict Anything Anymore.
The unlikely was never the impossible.

I'm working on a longer reading list to send out later this week. For now, this piece in Stat News does a good job of illuminating some context around the bird flu situation. This particular strain has been behaving in strange ways. A bird flu pandemic caused by an unlikely candidate like H5N1 is, in fact, exactly the kind of dragon king event that "shouldn't" happen.

OK Doomer got a tweet out from George Monbiot. That's pretty cool and exciting. Also, Monbiot has a new book. I'm diving back into book reviews and discussion, so we'll talk about it here soon.

If you have a book recommendation, drop it down below.

Support is always appreciated.

Take care,



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