Updates: Just Don't Do It

Updates: Just Don't Do It

Hello doomers,

I've got a new post up, on the concept of failure and quitting:

Just Don’t Do It
Americans don’t know when to quit.

Here's the latest news roundup:

What’s Going on: Mask Bans, Chick-fil-A Summer Camp
Escape wishful thinking.

An update:

Speaking of failure, I decided to kill the video experiment. After rereading Annie Duke's book on failure and quitting, I admitted a few things to myself. First, I've always hated every aspect of making podcasts and videos. I could do it for my students, but in this context it just feels weird. After several tries, my voice was getting hoarse. I'm also a quiet person. My entire life, friends and family have always commanded me to "speak up." When I do, I'm constantly interrupted and talked over. When I raise my voice, I don't feel like myself. Finally, this failure has reminded me that my writing is enough. I don't want to take on any other work that would distract from that.

A request:

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