Updates: Clean Air, Bad Research, Uncharted Territory, and an American Horror Story

Notes from uncharted territory.

Updates: Clean Air, Bad Research, Uncharted Territory, and an American Horror Story

Hello, doomers:

A new report signed by 15,000 researchers tells us that we're now in uncharted territory, based on the number and scope of climate disasters we're facing now. Most of us have seen the writing on the well for a while now. We're in trouble, and our leaders continue to act like there's nothing wrong while secretly freaking out. It feels like a good time to revisit the idea of elite panic. We're seeing a lot of it.

Meanwhile, we've got three new posts up.

The first one talks about the clean air movement. It often feels like we're losing ground. We have to remember the long strategy. We're not alone. Around the world, millions of people are fighting for clean air, sharing their knowledge and experiences. Is it pointless given the larger state of things? I don't think so. That was the message coming out of this week's Clean Air Expo. I know there's tension in the Covid sphere now, but this is one place where we still agree:

We’re Sick of Getting Sick All The Time. Clean The Air.
Join the revolution.

Not to kill the Halloween buzz, but Birgitte Rasine has taken a deep dive into the chocolate industry. It's a timely piece, since the industry makes most of its profits during the holiday season, starting now. You might already have an idea about the corruption that goes on. It's worse than that. If nothing else, you'll never look at chocolate the same way:

American Horror Story: Where Your Chocolate Comes From
Where does our chocolate come from? The truth is bitter.

Some of us have noticed a bizarre shift in science reporting over the last year or two. We're bombarded with "research" driven by an agenda to keep us productive and smiling, while focusing largely on our own personal health and wealth, rather than what's going on. This stuff used to emanate mainly from self-help platforms. Now it's coming from mainstream news outlets, even NPR. Nate Bear points it out and calls for a new, raw Enlightenment. It's about time.

The Best We Can Do? The Rise of Bullshit Research
It’s time for a new enlightenment.

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