This Week in Doom

I've got some news. OK Doomer has started recruiting some high-caliber writers.

This Week in Doom
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I've got some news.

OK Doomer has started recruiting some high-caliber writers. You might know them. For starters, we're going to be publishing some of Shannon Ashley's work, especially on culture and social issues like abuse. Here, she explores the hypocritical stance that states like Tennesse take when it comes to protecting the "health and welfare" of children:

How Tennessee Protects Child Abusers
While claiming to love kids Ask any politician in Tennessee about the sanctity of life, and they’ll surely tell you: life matters. Absolutely. As a transplant from Minnesota who’s spent nearly ten years in the Volunteer State, I’ve found nobody who talks more about their belief that

Next up, Charles A. Watlz lays out the critical need to do a better job of protecting our writers, artists, and musicians from Covid. Venues aren't doing enough to encourage masks and testing. We can change that:

Someone Infected Neil Gaiman with COVID-19, After Venues Refused to Enforce Audience Masking
First thing’s first. If the phrasing in the title feels unfamiliar, it has a purpose: We are eliminating the passive voice from the pandemic. Right now. Neil Gaiman didn’t just get COVID-19. Someone INFECTED Neil Gaiman with COVID-19. And many someones in overlapping layers of responsibility ENAB…

I've got a few pieces up. The most recent one riffs on Adam McKay's Don't Look Up to provide a little perspective on a summer of scorching temperatures and climate collapse. The year 2050 has arrived way ahead of schedule. There's a lot we should all be doing if we want half a chance at survival:

It’s Time to Look Up
Last weekend, Minneapolis canceled their annual marathon. It was too hot. We’re talking about athletes who devote their lives to conditioning their bodies to perform under extreme conditions. We’re talking about people who run 26 miles in the heat for fun. It was too hot for them. The numbers are

This little blog is starting to turn into a platform. I'm planning to recruit more authors, and I'm paying them for their work. I'd like to pay them more. I'm thinking about creating a new optional tier where readers can subscribe to support not just me but a band of writers. Ultimately, I'd like this site to become a place where people go, even between newsletter updates.

If you'd like to see work from a range of voices who care deeply about public health, social health, and climate health, let me know.

We could grow this thing.

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