The Denial on Your Shoulder

The Denial on Your Shoulder

Earlier this week, I got this note from a former supporter:

"Please cancel my subscription. There are Covid cautious bloggers who don't endorse voting for a genocidal maniac who willfully encourages Covid to spread (Biden). In fact, there are those of us in the Covid cautious community who realize that voting is a total scam."

It's been a pretty tiring week, filled with condescending remarks and hate rants on content that I try to keep free because it addresses important topics. Yesterday, I put out an announcement that I was close to reaching my minimum goal to ensure this newsletter's survival. Not only did nobody subscribe, but some people decided to unsubscribe. One reader even said my last article sucked, even though she agreed with the points I was making.

"Do better," she said.

A little while ago, someone messaged me to say they had no reason to support my newsletter, because I was giving it all away. Someone also told me they loved my work, I'd often changed their mind on important issues, but they still weren't going to support me because I hadn't earned it yet.

So, this next post is for supporters:

The Denial on Your Shoulder
We all have it.

I'm going to have to start putting more of my content behind a paywall, because unfortunately many of the people here are demonstrating the behaviors I've chronicled over the last year.

I'm just going to be blunt. We get what we support.

What we don't support goes away.

Take care,


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