The Billionaires Are Going Bunkers


The Billionaires Are Going Bunkers

Hello doomers,

Right now, I'm looking at a post by Helen De Cruz about testing protocols at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, where the affluent attendees can only access events with a badge that's activated by a negative Covid test. It's a great example of what she calls the illusion of separateness. Even if this remains more of an exception than a rule, it just illustrates how far the elite can go when they believe their own health and safety to be at risk. It got me thinking about a bias we see over and over again:

The Billionaires Are Going Bunkers
Superiority bias has ruined the future.

I'm planning to write a more conventional piece with insights into this frozen housing market. It's a hellscape that rewards and encourages cosmetic repairs and fancy kitchens over livable homes.

In the meantime...

This Millennial Blew All Her Money on a House. Now She Can’t Sell It.
What was she thinking?

House mice are spreading bird flu now, and our current administration continues to show us that they just don't care, or they think it won't affect them. These are all examples of superiority bias. All we can do is keep warning and keep protecting each other while pushing for accountability.

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