Masks Don't Work (At Hiding Your Identity)

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Masks Don't Work (At Hiding Your Identity)

Hello doomers,

I just finished the latest news roundup. There's some good news this time, about a couple of different things:

Masks Don’t Work (At Hiding Your Identity)
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It feels like this format is working pretty well, and it's evolving into a news roundup + commentary. If you like it, let me know. I plan to alternate between news commentary, satire, book dives, personal essays, and pieces on the social psychology of the times.

I've also been working on a real, actual book about all the topics we've covered like reactance, cognitive dissonance, spontaneous trait transference, and sentinel intelligence. I want it to be a nice, thick, hardcover book with a paperback option, something you can find solace in if you need to get away from the computer.

As always, your support helps keep this thing going.

Take care,


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