"It Wasn't That Bad." The Infuriating Paradox of Preparedness


"It Wasn't That Bad." The Infuriating Paradox of Preparedness
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We all know how it feels when we prepare and plan for a disaster (including ongoing ones like pandemics and climate collapse). Our preparation pays off, but then almost nobody cares. If anything, they complain about taking a threat too seriously. They say you overreacted. It's like they wanted more carnage. This behavior seems to get reinforced all the way up the chain. I spent years looking for a term to describe this behavior. Yesterday, I found it.

It's called the paradox of preparedness:

“It Wasn’t That Bad.” The Infuriating Paradox of Preparedness
The weird logic of self-defeating prophecies.

One quick thing:

Some people have asked about gift subscriptions, and others have expressed a little frustration with the support system since it relies on workarounds like Ko-fi. I'm thinking about trying an extension called Outpost to streamline things that integrates with this platform.

Let me know if you think it's worth it.

More satire on the way soon.



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