Doomsday Bunkers of The Rich and Famous

Doomsday Bunkers of The Rich and Famous

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You've probably seen the stories about Mark Zuckerberg's doomsday compound in Hawaii. It made a splash on the internet. Billionaires like Zuckerberg have been building bunkers for years. The whole hobby inspired a satire with a little social commentary:

Doomsday Bunkers of The Rich and Famous
With apocalyptic wishes and dystopian dreams.

Doomsday prepping has gone mainstream over the last few years as more and more Americans try to cope with fears of climate collapse and political instability by investing in personal survival plans. One real estate agency is even trying to sell doomsday apartments at $55,000 a pop, calling them "affordable." Young Americans across the political spectrum are now hoarding food and water in anticipation of the 2024 election.

As I've said before, most actual preppers know there's wrong with planning for supply chain disruptions and prolonged disasters. The government even recommends it. At the far end of the spectrum, doomsday prepping becomes an antisocial activity that's going to accelerate collapse and undermine the safety nets and social contracts that keep us safe. Douglas Rushkoff explored this unhealthy ideology at length in Survival of The Richest.

In honor of Zuckerberg, I thought I'd round up some of the stories I've written about this trend over the last year:

The Doomsday Prepper’s Daughter
All he wanted was a bunker for the end of the world. He didn’t have money. He didn’t have connections. What he had was a particular set of skills. After getting kicked out of the army for assault, Shannon Gilday knew there was only one way. He’d have to take
The Billionaires Are Going Bunkers
In 1893, George Pullman was one of the richest men in the world during one of the worst financial depressions in history. Now he lies in a steel vault eight feet underground, in a coffin sealed with lead. He was buried at night, in secret, to keep his employees from
You’re Not Going to Make It
I read about this one family... They were tired of society. They thought civilization was unraveling. They wanted to live off the grid. Authorities found their mummified remains a few months later. The family died from exposure and malnutrition. They didn’t make it. A while back, a prepper tried to
How to Prepare for What’s Coming without Being a Complete Asshole
About ten years ago, the National Geographic Channel aired this show about doomsday preppers. One woman was filling her entire house with food. She thought she was going to continue cooking gourmet meals while the world burned down around her. One guy tried to build a castle in the middle

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