A Place for Misfits: A Statement about OK Doomer's Mission

A Place for Misfits: A Statement about OK Doomer's Mission

There's three new pieces up on the site to read when you have time. First, Alan Urban talks about the seven greatest threats against food security and the likelihood of global famine. Ossiana Tepfenhart talks about the disturbing new abortion laws that are putting teenagers and moms in jail. I've got a new piece up about the internal mechanics of fascism.

“We Are Going To Run Out Of Food” — 7 Reasons There’s Going To Be A Global Famine
Food is the foundation of civilized society. But when the food is gone, all bets are off.
And So It Begins: Woman Arrested For Helping Her Daughter Abort
Nebraska voted to outlaw abortion. Now teenagers are going to jail.
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fascism
Someone understood Hitler and fascism as it was unfolding in Germany. He wrote about it in 1939.

Now for a message:

A Place for Misfits: A Statement about OK Doomer
There’s an interesting piece in Wired. Every year, women and nonbinary tech workers gather at a special conference designed to help celebrate their achievements and develop their careers. This time, a bunch of tech elites showed up and “gate-crashed” the event. They were looking for higher-paying j…

This last post shares some important insights about the future of OK Doomer and why I'm trying to turn this place into a platform that promotes different voices on topics ranging from doom to dysfunctional politics. I'm recruiting more contributing writers and working on a system that pays them fairly for their work. You'll see more writers later this week.

I'm still working on tiers. In the meantime, the best way to support OK Doomer is to sign up for a basic subscription if you haven't, or you can make a one-time donation here. If you're strapped, don't worry about it. What I really want is for the readers who can to support this site so that it's free for everyone to read, because what we're writing about here matters. A lot of vital information about public health, climate collapse, and social crisis is either buried behind paywalls or underneath endless jargon and hopium.

That's what we want to change.

Keep on dooming,


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