Covid and Democracy

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Covid and Democracy

Hello doomers,

You probably don't need me to explain what a monumental week it's been between debates and Supreme Court decisions. Instead of wading through that mess, I wrote a long, comprehensive article on Covid. Given the continued denial we see in the corporate media as they look everywhere for explanations about struggling students and presidents, I figured it was time.

Everything “That Friend” Wants You to Know About Covid
We’re still just scratching the surface.

As you know, I've written about specific aspects of Covid. For a while now, I've wanted a single article that lays out the main reasons why we're still taking it seriously, with an abundance of evidence to share with anyone who asks for it, regardless of how genuine their requests are.

Near the end, I think I was able to explain the role Covid is playing in politics without going overboard. If you see a place to add any other important studies, drop a link in the comments.

Take care,


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